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Business and marketing
on Autopilot

A 10-week program that will allow you to scale your online projects with the help of over 100+ automations. Learn the proper approach and tools that saves hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars per month. No coding!

I spent over 10 years building projects on the web, serving hundreds of thousands of customers and earning millions of PLN until I reached a place where scaling costs increased significantly. Then I started to wonder if there is a better way. And there is! The answer is automation.

Grzegorz Róg
Author, CEO of eduweb.pl & learnux.io

As the creator, I run most of the marketing and content processes by myself. Creating content on Social Media, videos on Youtube - it all took me a lot of time. Until I learned the potential of robots and automation. You can really work in a different way!

Adam Gospodarczyk
Author, CEO of overment.com

Why Automation is "must have"?

When you run projects on the web, you often perform repetitive tasks that stop you from working creatively - the only one that really has value for your company and the world. This is frustrating. But it doesn't have to look like that. There're areas that can be automated with the help of modern tools, without programming knowledge - the most important are business and marketing.

The activities you can do on the autopilot include posting on Social Media, using content in various forms, the process of creating content and publishing, campaigning, daily tasks, accounting and billing, customer service, acquiring leads and sales... and much more. Whether you're developing online projects, creating or working in marketing - automation saves you frustration and hiring robots so that people don't have to be robots.

We are focused on gaining more and more clients - not looking at how tedious it takes and how many people fall off the funnel on the way. The most successful companies of the future are those that can stop for a while and think about how to work smarter and how to take control.

Usually we had a choice: using an existing software or creating our own software. Both have significant disadvantages. In ready-made solutions we often come to the wall and additionally unhealthily make our business dependent on each other. Creating your own solutions requires skill or team and a lot of time. Planning the next implementation, eternal corrections, programmers costs - this is a contradiction of lean approach and what is currently crucial in the network: fast iteration.

Fortunately, there is another way. Recently there has been a great deal of progress in terms of tools and techniques that you can use to make different aspects of online projects work on autopilot. A large community of developers is already using these tools to build simple MVPs, sites, applications, and test ideas.

But an even more obvious way to use automation is to use it in your existing online business. The basis of this idea is to connect already existing services and services via API, connect them to your business data and create supersoftware. This is unique for your business and gives you great flexibility while saving a lot of time. The easiest way to present it is by using examples - we present them below.

Scenarios of automations

During the Program we process 100+ scenarios ready to use and create dedicated automation with you. Here are some examples:

Social Media scheduling

Social media posting planning is currently one of the basic marketing processes of almost every business , the problem is that It usually takes a lot of time and maintaining a fixed schedule requires a lot of creativity, attention and discipline Hire Automation that will keep an eye on the schedule for you based on the data you entered previously. It will also make sure to re-publish older content that is still current. - the only thing are: list of data sources and a schedule!

  • 1
    Content creation

    Some of the content published in Social Media requires more attention and often requires gathering different information. By optimizing the process of collecting them, you are able to use the once prepared material in different channels.

  • 2
    Content management

    By storing the content you create in one place, you are able to easily manage it - delete those that are no longer up to date and update selected content in bulk.

  • 3

    Some of the content created by you do not become outdated over time. It is worth promoting it regularly to reach new audiences.

Semi-automatic employee onboarding

The costs of unsuccessful recruitment are not only lost money but above all time - both ours and the candidate's. One of the most important elements of the recruitment process is onboarding - which, although it happens after hiring an employee, is still often an area for which the HR team is responsible , the problem is that Onboarding requires the involvement of representatives of various departments of the company and, in some situations, the involvement of the management board. Additionally, after the implementation of the studio, it often involves the time of other employees due to the lack of access to "wholesale" knowledge transferred during several days of implementation. Hire Automation that will lead the whole process of onboarding, excluding elements that are necessary to build a relationship with the employee. In this way it will reduce the risk and involvement of the new employee's implementation process. - You have to prepare the process itself and add new employee data!

  • 1
    Sources of data

    Collect in one place or, if necessary, create all the necessary materials for a new employee.

  • 2
    Arrangement of meetings

    Onboarding a new employee requires meetings with team members and managers. You can use tools such as Calendly for simpler organization.

  • 3
    Verification of stages

    Specify the structure of the onboarding process report to make sure it runs successfully.

Automatic newsletter

The most important marketing resource in the current Internet world is the e-mail list , the problem is that maintaining an active audience requires regular contact, which in turn requires discipline and many hours of work on high quality content Hire Automation that allows you to collect and create content in an easily accessible sheet and then send it according to your schedule, also to new subscribers - You only feed your data and schedule!

  • 1
    Content creation

    When preparing materials for mailing, you can collect them in such a way that you can use them effortlessly in different channels.

  • 2
    Modular structure

    Planning newlsetter content based on modules gives you the ability to fold it like a "block". This in turn gives you almost unlimited possibilities to combine content and use it in other formats.

  • 3

    In some cases the content of the newsletter is timeless and can be used again for new subscribers.

Automatic product upselling and cross-over

One of the four ways to increase revenue is to increase the average transaction amount. One way to achieve this is to sell additional products (so-called upselling) , the problem is that when thinking about sales, we usually think of new customers rather than those we already have, while our existing customers may be interested in additional products from our offer Hire Automation that offer your existing customers, other products or services from your offer - It is up to you to determine what products you offer and in what situation you want to offer them!

  • 1
    Additional offers

    You can offer additional services or products to your existing customers with the help of automatic e-mails and the purchase process.

  • 2
    Order processing

    Order processing and issuing of accounting documents can be fully automatic with the help of a survey and invoice system.

These are just a few of the almost 100 automations we have prepared! You know what is best about it? That the scenarios that we discuss during the Program are the automatizations that were created in the context of a real business need, which I or Adam had on the way to full automation of our work!

Grzegorz Róg

Get access to over
100 Automations

We have prepared an extensive library of over 100 automations, which we use in our work. Almost all of them are discussed in detail during the program.



Join the Program

We have no doubt that automation and no-code are the future of how we will create and run online projects. But how to start? The program we prepared for you is the answer!

  • High quality videos

    he main part of the program is available in the form of previously prepared video lessons - this way you can learn where and when you want. On average 30-60 minutes per day.

  • The No-Code Pioneer Community

    You will have access to a closed Slack group where you can get help from authors and other participants or discuss your automation scenarios. Access forever!

  • Consultation and Check-ins

    On Thursdays at 18:00 you can take part in consultations with the authors of the Program, and on Saturdays at 10:00 or 20:00 you can work live with other participants.

  • Three custom Automations

    Apart from dozens of ready-made scenarios that we will discuss, during the Program we will prepare with you 3 automatizations perfectly suited to your needs.

We have prepared for you among others

Hours of videos
Hours of consultation

Why did we create this program?

Some time ago we discovered the potential of new automation tools, trying to improve business and marketing processes in our online projects. It turns out, however, that from understanding the potential of tools such as Zapier to implementing practical, working automation leads quite a long way.

First of all - even though we are aware of the possibilities offered by technology, we were still faced with the question - what to automate? What specific scenarios will help us in our daily work? It turns out that the question had to be asked differently... But we learned that much later. We offer you a shortcut!

To put it simply - if we had had a similar source of knowledge 2 years ago, we would have saved hundreds of hours spent recognizing appropriate tools, automation schemes. We often spent tens of hours on solving problems, which today take us 10 seconds.

We decided to prepare the Program in order to save your work and pass on all our knowledge of solutions that will allow you to save hundreds of hours and thousands of PLN in online projects. This is the essence of over 2 years of work with automation, which we close in an extremely accessible compendium.

Adam Gospodarczyk

Programmer converted to no-code (no, almost 😅). He spent almost 10 years developing online startups and one of the biggest channels for front-end developers on YouTube. His unique skills derive from the combination of business and programming - this dangerous mixture together with automation tools generates an extraordinary explosive. The result of the explosion is a gigantic increase in conversions and a true "no impossible" approach. In the Program Adam, where necessary, prepares small, reusable code snippets, which will make our work much easier.

Subs on YouTube
20 thousand

Grzegorz Róg

Internet entrepreneur, designer, educator. A man of many talents. Awareness of the fact that he can do much to save time wherever he can. He leads small and large IT teams, services serving hundreds of thousands of customers, sometimes taking heroic orders to optimize processes in companies. He is constantly learning and what he can already communicate to others in an accessible form. His day has 72 hours thanks to the robots, which he employs in numerous automations.

Projects underway
Thousands of clients

Who is this Program for?

Online Creators

People who publish on the Internet - bloggers, creators of online products, courses, influencers. They are people who do a lot of work on their own, which can be automated.

Business owners

If you already have a network business - e-commerce, service, marketplace, community - the program will give you a look at many aspects of your business that you can outsource in a better way or fully automate.

Marketing Ninjas

Marketing managers or marketing department employees in larger companies, or universal marketers who have to take care of all aspects of the project presence in the network and SM.

Startup people

Creators of side projects or starting companies that iterate a lot and look for a market fit product, as well as experiment and A/B test. This is the ideal environment for no-code automation and work!

For whom is NOT this Program?

Senior managers

Who rarely "get their hands dirty" with actual work on implementing designed processes and rather only manage people in the organization and create frameworks. Send someone 😆

Owners of large companies

Who outsource most of the tasks and are not interested in details of how processes are optimized. Their company will probably benefit from automation. Present the program to a smart employee - generalist.

Specialists with little experience

It's about people who are just starting out in some field and are doing a very, very small piece of business. For example, they only account for delegations or write posts on one SM platform.

Specialized programmers

These are people who work with a narrow section they specialize in, for example, database experts. Automation has the greatest potential where many areas can be linked together and the process can be improved vertically.

Your best-invested 10 weeks 💰

But why so much? And how long does it take to participate in the Program every day? We have good news - we cleverly divided the program into 3 parts - basics, marketing and business. In fact, it takes 8 weeks + 2 weeks break, during which people who want to take part only in the 2nd part can join (and those of you who take part in both have time to practice and implement their own scenarios).

The first week is very important because you will learn the basics and tools. In the following weeks, however, we will implement various automations - some you will want to learn more about, others less. Your involvement in the Program does not have to be equal every week, and you retain access to scenarios and materials, depending on the Package for 6 months or indefinitely, so you can always go back to a scenario that will solve your current problem.

What's more, the automation will be developed and improved in subsequent editions of the Program. Everything, including the closed group of the Program, will remain available in the Full Package indefinitely! Oh, since we've divided the Program, you also have the option to buy only one part.

Module I - 1 week

Basics & Tools

It is a module that we run in the first week of the Program, and then we repeat it in the 6th week of the Program for those who join only for the business part.

Module II - 3 weeks

Content & Marketing

In this module we learn how to automate marketing and content production. We also show you scenarios that will allow you to recycle content in multiple channels, automatically collect leads, etc.


$800 to get back

...in orders directly after the Program. Currently we work for many clients who implement automation in their projects. People who meet the conditions of the Program - among other things, they will give the tasks on time and rework the required material, can count on a guaranteed refund.

Programme schedule

Week 1 - Basics & Tools

Basics - introduction to automation tools and techniques. Simple applications that allow to understand the philosophy of automation and no-code tools.

Week 2 - Content

You will learn about the automations that will help you to organize and generate your content and you will prepare one "source of truth" for your content, from which the marketing automations will draw.

Week 3 - Marketing

We'll redo a lot of automation that will allow you to publish your content regularly and recycle it with the help of various social media. You will learn how to effectively generate leads, collect feedback, handle emails and landing pages.

Week 4 - Analytics

In this part we will, among other things, take care of the automation that will allow us to measure the effectiveness of our actions, conduct A/B tests and prepare dashboards with reports for us and superiors / customers.

Week 5 - Break

This is the time to practice your own ideas on automation and to discuss them on the Square or in consultation with us. You can also take a moment's rest ;)

Week 6 - Break (Basics & Tools for those joining only the business part)

This is the time to practice your own ideas on automation and to discuss them on the Square or in consultation with us. You can also take a moment's rest ;) For those who only join the business part, during this time we organize a replay from the first week of the Program - Basics & Tools

Week 7 - Sales

This week we will start reworking sales automation, which allows, for example, to reactivate customers or send notifications about an abandoned shopping cart. We will also focus on organizing tasks and notifications to the sales team.

Week 8 - Engagement

We will prepare a number of automations that are mainly sales-oriented, but also allow for more customer involvement, e.g. with the help of a command program.

Week 9 - Billing and others

We will take care of the automation that will allow us to grasp the documents in the company, as well as partly accounting, contracts and other things that should not take up our time.

Week 10 - Task management

This is the time to practice your own ideas on automation and to discuss them on the Square or in consultation with us. You can also take a moment's rest ;) For those who only join the business part, during this time we organize a replay from the first week of the Program - Basics & Tools

You don't risk anything

Expectations met or refunded. As simple as possible.

To sum up, what do you gain?

In the Full Package you will have access to 100+ automation, which will be updated as the Program develops. The no-code tools pioneer community, where you can ask questions, exchange automations, commission scenarios and much more!


  • No-code Closed Community

  • 100+ automation scenarios

  • 30+ godzin wideo with scenarios explanation

  • 20+ hours of consultations, additional materials

Satisfaction Guarantee

Within 30 days of purchase you can receive a full refund of the amount paid, without any questions, in 3 seconds.

Learn more about the returns policy



Individual access Access for companies / agencies

Join the Program

Implement Automation for customers

We have prepared 3 variants, which give you access to the selected part or to the whole Program. We have provided only 100 places, which will be available for purchase in the order of submission. Sign up now 👇 *net prices

We have prepared a special price list for companies that want to purchase access to the Program for more than 3 people, as well as for the Agency, which in this variant can use the Automation within the whole team and use it for the purposes of customer implementations.

Content & Marketing

$1990 / 12-m
  • Basics + Content & Marketing modules

  • Scenarios from these modules for the next 12 months

  • 20 hours of group consultations + Check-ins


Full access + Consultations

$ 3990 / unlimited
  • Access to all program modules

  • Unlimited access to the Scenarios

  • 20 hours of group consultations + Check-ins

  • 1 hour of individual consultations

  • Permanent access to the No-code group


$2390 / 12-m
  • Basic Module + Business

  • Scenarios from these modules for the next 12 months

  • 20 hours of group consultations + Check-ins


$1.990/ user

The license for the Program and Automation is assigned to specific people for whom your company buys access and cannot be transferred.

  • Access to the entire Business + Marketing Program

  • Permanent access to automation

  • From 3 to 50 employees

  • Individual assistance in one implementation



Access to the Program for an unlimited number of employees in the company domain. Possibility of attaching licenses to new people.

  • Access to the entire Business + Marketing Program

  • Unlimited access to automations

  • Commercial use of the Scenarios

  • Individual assistance in one implementation


Download a document prepared by us, which you can send to your boss.

When I signed up for the course I did not know that I would get three or four times more knowledge than I paid for. The strength of the program is its effectiveness in passing on knowledge (apart from the regular one there are many bonuses) and building a community of enthusiasts. Each participant has individual support from Grzegorz or Adam. I will be happy to take part in the next trainings.

Piotr Lewandowski

I haven't finished my training yet, but I can already say that it is great. A lot of material, motivation, support from the community and Grzegorz, such an extensive training in technical terms, I've never had - and I've had a lot. You can see that a lot of work has been put into the preparation, I can already guarantee that I'm going to go into every subsequent training (...)

Michał Michasiów

(...) I joined the course out of pure curiosity as to whether I really have such an open mind as I thought. It turned out that what I know is only the beginning of the road. The course showed me completely different ways to approach different problems. During the 6 weeks there were a few tools that I will introduce to my daily workflow while working.

Sebastian Wesołowski

Well invested time and money (...) Interesting tasks, challenges, consultations, check-ins and a great atmosphere in the group - all this made me finish the program with a large dose of new knowledge and inspiration, which I intend to use immediately after the program. I recommend it!

Marlena Nowak

Automations shown in specific examples. During the program there is no time for boredom, the difficulty level is graded. Materials on a high level. Check-ins and consultations, which are worth being on, are also a great value. (...) Grzegorz undoubtedly has a talent for passing on knowledge.

Jacek Szkołut

(...) The training was prepared and conducted professionally, pragmatically and with great passion. Now, Grzegorz faces a difficult challenge - to make subsequent editions at an equally high level. Good luck!

Robert B

Very good training. Teaches no-code thinking, not just using tools. The big advantage is working in a business context, not creating unrealistic examples. These two things have given me great value that I can use in negotiations and working with a client. I'm looking forward to further such training.

Michał Sosnowski

The essence of the no-code philosophy closed in a structured 6-week program. Forty-two days of very intensive time, which completely changes the approach and way of thinking about creating contemporary web pages. In addition, weekly consultations with Grzegorz, meetings with other users in the form of Check-In and access (during the Program and after its completion) to Slack with a large group of no-code enthusiasts. I recommend it!

Łukasz Dmitruk

(...) I very much appreciate the form and content of the course, because I am finishing it with very specific skills to use right away, and I wouldn't even consider myself a beginner in this area. My best investment in every respect!! # I see you as a person who combines passion, professionalism and ingenuity, which you can share with others

Jarosław Adamek

I took part in several trainings and I can definitely recommend it for 120% (...) Fantastic atmosphere, great people who help each other and so much information that your jaw will fall down. What more do you want? Probably only more training courses organized by Grzegorz

Krzysztof Piekarz

As this is the first edition of the Automation Program, we will soon add opinions of its participants. Below we present reviews of the "Niekoduj.pl" Program organized in the same format.

Frequently asked questions

The possibility of purchasing the Program will be allocated in the order of submissions.

Because we realize that not all of you will need knowledge from both of them. On the other hand, business, marketing and sales are very often intertwined and although they are generally not concentrated in one person/team, it is really worth knowing the relationships from each of these areas. This is also the reason why we have decided not to prepare separate Programs and one, which can be purchased in parts. In principle, the division will mainly concern people who are involved in marketing and nothing more - working as an independent marketer or in a larger team. These people may not see additional benefits in the business part, so they may skip it. On the other hand, managers or owners focused mainly on task management and sales may want to take part only in the business part.

In our opinion, yes. The idea is to automate some of the processes and perhaps move them in-house, thus reducing costs and saving time of briefings, sprints etc. In our opinion, modern companies concentrate these competences or entrust them to agencies that can find themselves in the reality of automation and implement it for their clients.

If there is still room, yes. However, if you do not buy the Package immediately, the price for both parts separately will be higher and access to the materials will be possible only for 12 months and not, as in a full package, indefinitely.

No. You can return the whole Program, but you cannot reduce costs by giving up one module that you have already purchased.

You have 30 days from the payment of the entire selected Package to return. This is for accounting reasons and we will not accept any returns submitted after that time.

If it has not been 30 days since you paid for the entire Program or module you are participating in - for the return to be effective, it must be done through https://automatify.io/refund/ - this is a prerequisite for the return to be processed. Returns in other forms may not be considered. You do not have to give any reason for the return and the whole procedure will take a few seconds.

You have 30 days from the payment of the entire selected Package to return. This is for accounting reasons and we will not accept any returns submitted after that time.

Because it contains practical knowledge, which over the past years has allowed us to save its multiple and we are convinced that those of you who run online projects or marketing will also get multiple returns on this investment. The program is rich in activity, includes consultations, mentor support, automation updates and much more - it's all worth much more than the price we offer.

Because we want the Program to be of exceptional quality and we want the participants to receive proper help from us during the Program. We also want the participants to be aware of the closed formula of the Program, which is available only to those who benefit most from it. It is possible that we will prepare its subsequent editions and then more people will be able to use our knowledge.

You can buy access to the Program by making a full payment or by buying in installments. In case of choosing installments - you pay the first one immediately (50%) and the second one after 14 days, even if the Program is already running. You have 4 days to pay the 2nd installment, which we will remind you about by e-mail and phone. ATTENTION! If you do not pay the second installment on time, you will be removed from the list of the Program and the first installment will be lost.

The guarantee of participation in the Program is payment in full or in the first installment. If you only pay the first installment, we will send you a link to pay the second installment after 14 days. You have 4 days to pay the second installment. In case of no e-mail contact - we will call you to remind you about the second installment. Paying the first installment guarantees participation in the Program and before it starts you do not have to pay the rest of the amount, unless 14 days have passed. In case of not paying the second installment - the first installment is not refundable!

No. The first installment is sufficient to participate in the Program. The second installment is due 14 days after the payment of the first installment and if it is the day after the beginning of the Program - you will receive a message with a link to the payment, already during the Program.

The first installment in such a situation is lost. However, you can pay the whole amount and resign during the Program, which will result in a full refund.

In such a situation, the first installment is lost and you are removed from the list of participants. In this case, we will send you at least 2 emails to remind you of the payment deadline.

No. For companies planning to purchase more than 5 accesses we provide a discount - in this case please contact hello@automatify.io.

That depends. The optimal learning time is at least one hour a day, assuming 7 days of learning per week. This should be enough to acquire knowledge from the Program, but not enough to prepare and implement your own automation. We are not able to estimate the time you need to implement your own solutions at home, but assuming that you spend as much time as you do on learning again - you will surely achieve good results. However, you can take care of the implementation after the Program, all the time having access to materials. To sum up: the sensible version of the minimum is 1 hour of learning per day, the optimal version is 2-3 hours of learning+implementing your own automatics per day. In order to give you time to implement your own ideas during the Program, we take a break in it. Thanks to this you will have access to mentors and consultations after practicing your solutions.

If you purchase the Full Package you are entitled to an hour of individual consultations. Consultations are carried out exclusively during the Program, the mentor calendar will be available and you will be able to choose the appropriate slot.

Access to all Program materials, tutorials, blueprints, automation and more - you will retain, depending on your purchase, for 12 months or indefinitely. What does it mean indefinitely - a good question. We will try to maintain and update the materials as long as they are useful. We are planning further programs, which will cause that there will be more and more examples and constant access will give you measurable benefits in time. We will make every effort to make the useful materials available for years to come - however, we don't guarantee that, as you know, the technology is changing and maybe there will come a time when the materials will no longer have such value. We reserve the right to remove them then.

Everything that is processed in the Program will be placed in one large repository, which you will retain access to. We do not limit or randomly limit access to what we will produce during this, but also during subsequent Programs.

Yes, you will be able to download all materials that appear during the Program and for the time you have access to the resources - 12 months or indefinitely. This means that you will keep your automation scenarios and other materials from the Program forever. However, if you have temporary access, you will not receive updates, new scenarios, or access to Groups after that time.

Depending on the version of the Program you will redeem, for 12 months or indefinitely

Yes, if you meet the conditions to receive it. They will be written down in detail before the Program, in the target schedule.

No, scenarios or individual videos cannot be purchased outside the Program.

Yes, of course. We issue and send an invoice for each order, maximum 14 days after the payment of the entire amount for the Program.

Besides the latest version of a modern browser like Chrome, there are no additional requirements. It is important that you have comfort during the program. Using a small laptop screen is rather uncomfortable when designing web pages. It is good to have another, external monitor. A relatively fast connection is also important during the Program (e.g. LTE).

As a rule, no. Wherever possible (that is, in most cases) we will use free versions of the tools. However, sometimes it will require some gymnastics or setting up accounts repeatedly. For the comfort of the Program, it will therefore sometimes be worth buying a service, usually for a few dollars. Anyway, we assume that you will later use the automation tools, which are not expensive, but nevertheless payable. Depending on the amount of automation you create, the initial cost is usually $10 per month.

Do you have more questions? Write boldly on hello/at/automatify.io 📧

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Grzegorz Róg
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